Situated amid clear lakes and lofty forested mountains, Srinagar has long had a considerable tourist economy. Along its course through the city, the Jhelum River is spanned by several wooden bridges, and numerous adjacent canals and waterways abound with shikara, the gondolas of Kashmir. Srinagar is well known for its many mosques and temples, Dal Lake, with its “floating gardens,” is a well-known attraction, as are the nearby Shalimar, Nishat gardens & Harwan Gardens.


You can play a game of golf amidst scenic beauty found nowhere else in the country. The quaint Royal Spring Golf Course, near Chashm-e-Shahi, spans 300 acres and has been voted India’s best golf course. It is an 18-hole course and at a par of 72 brings diverse levels of challenge to players. As you attempt to make a hole-in-one, you can see the dramatic Himalayan range in the background and the deep blue waters of the Dal Lake in the horizon. These golf courses are open through the extended summer from April to November. With temperatures which hardly ever go above 25° Celcius, aiming for the putting green becomes a pleasurable hobby.


Hot air balloon is the oldest successful technology of carrying humans into the sky. It is perhaps the safest mode of traveling between the clouds. Although there are no barriers as far as age in concerned, but one surely needs to be fit, as a flight on the hot air balloon requires standing for countable hours. Expectant mothers and people having high blood pressure are discouraged for taking part in this aerosport. Valleys of Suru and Zanskar in the state of Jammu & Kashmir are the destinations for hot air ballooning. The garb used during trekking is ideal for this as well. So accumulate your shoes, sunglasses, gloves and a cap, and embark upon your excursion, before you are left behind.


Naturally gifted, the city of Srinagar has the benefit of a striking mountain range on one side and flowing rivers and lakes on the other. Other than lush green valleys, which add to the city’s charm, the waterways are where you can enjoy a soothing shikara ride or hire a motorboat and go water skiing. No experience defines romanticism more than taking a shikara ride on the serene waters of the Dal Lake. Passing lotuses floating on the Dal Lake will surely add to the moment.


Dachigam National Park is located 22 km from Srinagar in Jammu and Kashmir. The name literally stands for ‘ten villages’, which could be in memory of the ten villages that were relocated in order to create the park. The Park is only 141 sq. kms. and roughly rectangular in shape, approximately 23.5km by 6km. It is best considered as two sections – Upper and Lower Dachigam. Lower Dachigam, in the west, comprises approximately a third of the total area and is the area most accessible to a visitor. Upper Dachigam in the east extends over the higher reaches and is a good day’s trek from the nearest roadhead.

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