Lose your cares in the rejuvenating world of spas that Kashmir has to offer in abundance. A relaxing place of comfort awaits you in Kashmir where you can feel for yourself how the sense of touch can relax and refresh you and make a new person out of you. Try a variety of soothing indulgences at our resort Rah Bagh where wide options are readily available to cater to your specific needs.
Comforting massages, yoga, ayurveda are all an integral part and are also brought into these spas along with hi-tech modern facilities like gyms, children’s activity room and video gaming, Billiards and Internet connections are all easily available here and form a part of your tourist package. Experience Kashmir at its best through resorts and spa facilities that can be viewed in so many forms through our association!!! We promise you a relaxing retreat from this mad, fast and modern world. With something spectacular introduced to you each time, you will only be more aware of the rich majesty and splendor that Kashmir endows all the way for you. At Rah Bagh, expect a variety of amenities and customer service that will soften your heart and want to be a part of Kashmir always.
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